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Published On February 8, 2014 | By mbalogh | Blog
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This was actually a surprisingly good article from Integrated Marketing Summit despite its title, 3 Tactics, 2 Strategies and 1 Crotchety Contrarian from Integrated Marketing Summit.

The quick overview is:

  • Big Branding is decreasing and “no brand preference” is increasing which is rapidly growing the importance of Continuous Commerce as people don’t necessarily choose brands ahead of time.
  • The entire experience [or journey] has to be considered, multi-channel, and optimized for mobile and tablet as consumers want fast, simple, easy, fast, optimized, easy to act, and fast (a 1 second delay on a mobile device can result in a 7 percent conversion loss).
  • Content marketing should be the core of integrated marketing, and mobile first is at the core of that. SEO isn’t keywords, it’s contextual and useful content.
  • Analytics tied to objectives wins every time, think marketing not sales.
  • Show, don’t tell – focus on video, webinars, sharable graphics, and other relevant content that is easy to share.
  • Remove content and graphics that don’t support your CTA.

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