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Matthew Balogh Speaking at Intelligent Content Conference 2017

Matt Balogh presenting Content Engineering at Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas, 2017

Social Bio:

Matt Balogh is an experienced digital marketing leader in the pharmaceutical industry focused in organizational growth and digital transformation by applying a rich history as a C-level global executive, software engineer, MBA, speaker, podcaster, and head of innovation.

Speaking Bio:

Matt Balogh is a visionary digital health communications leader who combines 19 years of global executive-level leadership with a Marketing MBA and hands-on software engineering. Specializing in innovation, transformation, implementation, and measurement of digital marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Matt is currently the Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Medical Affairs at Melinta Therapeutics. He is the former CTO of Ogilvy CommonHealth, a global network of healthcare communicators, where he also established and led the Innovation Lab. Matt has global experience implementing scalable, data-driven, processes and intelligent content systems. He is an active speaker, published author, and hosts podcasts on martech and marketing strategy to bridge the communication gap between leading-edge digital technologies and healthcare industry needs.

Resume Bio:

Matt Balogh leverages his deep understanding of business, technology, and digital health to save lives and alleviate suffering through timely and appropriate communication of information to those that need it most when they need it most. Utilizing innovative technologies and partnerships, Matt transforms healthcare organizations and journeys, improves the economics of healthcare, and impacts the survival and wellbeing of real people.

Matt is currently the Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation with the Melinta Therapeutics Medical Affairs, a biopharmaceutical company, working directly with the Medical Affairs and Infectious Disease brand teams to deliver authentic, scalable, data-driven systems and strategies to improve health outcomes for patients. His focus is on digital strategies that optimize resources through enterprise component content management, unified analytics and reporting, and marketing strategy and automation.

Formerly a C-level global executive in the healthcare industry Matt leverages his dual Marketing and Entrepreneurship MBA as Chief Technology Officer, Innovation Lead, hands-on software engineer and architect, speaker, podcaster, and blogger to bridge the gap between leading-edge digital technologies, business objectives, and healthcare needs.

Prior to joining Melinta Matt led the Content Engineering team at The Medicines Company and was CTO leading the Technology and Innovation teams at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide.  As Chief Technology Officer he understood the nuances and complexities of, and efficiently deployed, innovative digital solutions within a global healthcare organization.

As digital continues to permeate throughout all aspects of healthcare, and life in general, and with new technologies consistently bringing forth new opportunities and barriers Matt is focused on transforming healthcare by using technology to address the most urgent needs.  Recent accomplishments include:

  • Specialization in organizational growth, cultural change, and the creation of digital process and supporting platforms.
  • Founded the OCH Innovation Lab to focus digital innovation on solving business challenges.
  • Built partnerships ranging from digital health startups to Google, Apple, and IBM Watson.
  • Lead a multi-national technology services team.
  • Continually assess digital trends and evaluate the impact and opportunities for our organization and clients.

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