Debating Responsive Design in Healthcare @ SXSW

Published On August 16, 2012 | By mbalogh | Blog

Responsive Design, the hot topic debate of the mobile community, rages on as the two sides collide in the name of delivering the best mobile experience in healthcare. Not since the browser wars has one topic dominated the web development and marketing community in such a diametrically opposed and heated debate.

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Two seasoned experts in the digital healthcare and marketing community, heralding from Ogilvy CommonHealth, take the stage to openly argue the merits and shortcomings of Responsive Design as a viable strategy in the complex world of mobile web development in healthcare.

On the affirmative, Chris Cullman, VP and Digital Strategist, argues the merits of responsive design backed by instances and evidence of what it can offer the mobile healthcare community.

Taking the opposing viewpoint, Matt Balogh, SVP and Director of Technology aims to demonstrate the dangers and pitfalls responsive can have in the complex and highly regulated world of digital healthcare marketing.

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