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Book Review: Good to Great

Jim Collins. (2001). Good to Great . HarperBusiness Jim Collins and his team did a great job of breaking down both business and leaders into factors that helped make them successful.  Though Collins markets it as a business book I

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Book Review: Leadership and Self Deception

The Arbinger Institute. (2000). Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box . San Francisco: Berrett-Hoehler. The Arbinger Institute did a great job of explaining their theory as will serve you well in both business and personal aspects of your

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SOA & Web 2.0 MVC — Part 1

I’ve been picking at the Web 2.0 buffet for a while so now that I’m getting into Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) I’m really starting to see the connections. Web 2.0 really lends itself nicely to services in the online application

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Book Review: Made To Stick

Chip Heath & Dan Heath. (2007). Made to Stick. Random House. This book is a great source of inspiration for marketing professionals and anyone else who needs their message to stick. In their organized approach to sticky communication, the brothers

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