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The Top 10 Technologies that Will Change Healthcare Marketing & Why You Should Know About Them

As the technology and industry leaders my responsibilities are to Technology and the pursuit of what’s next for us, our industry, our clients, and their customers by identifying technology trends and influencing behavior.  Although my core business is focused on

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Negative Margins, But We’ll Make Up For It In Volume

Almost daily I hear news on the economic situation we have in the US.  Almost daily, for the past several years.  Sure unemployment is topping 10% nationally and is still on the rise, but is that really a reason for

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Automating Yourself Out of a Job

When I use the phrase “automating yourself out of a job” I bet your mind jumps directly to efficiency, manufacturing, production, and making tasks so easy one person can do the work of seven or even seventeen.  Sure, that’s a large part of it, but there’s

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When Value Added Does Not Add Value

The concept starts as an organization who wishes to increase value to their customers.  Not so bad.  But what happens when this goes horribly wrong?  Suddenly it becomes blatantly obvious that you really don’t know your customers very well.  And

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Brand marketing vs. personal sales

Many brands would love to utilize the power of New Media, but shifting away from traditional media methodologies is not easy, especially for the older and larger agencies.  Currently personal sales seems to be a much better fit for new

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