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The Top 10 Technologies that Will Change Healthcare Marketing & Why You Should Know About Them

As the technology and industry leaders my responsibilities are to Technology and the pursuit of what’s next for us, our industry, our clients, and their customers by identifying technology trends and influencing behavior.  Although my core business is focused on

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Technology as a Creative Discipline

A few years back, while working on the “before & after” gallery for Chrysaliz Design, I got to thinking about the artistry that went into decorating the homes in the photographs.  This idea stuck in my brain such that I

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You Know Me Too Well….

I had an interesting experience this morning.  Every morning on my way into the office I stop for breakfast but recently I’ve found a new bagel shop — I’ve been going there for about two weeks.  Most days I order

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The 11 Second Relationship

Some twitterers have thousands of followers and, likewise, follow thousands.  What are the implications of this?  Are they really taking an active interest in each other, or is this us just lots of people being polite at first and ignoring

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Can Marketing Be Too Successful?

We talk a lot about customer delight and how to turn irate customers into loyal ones, but how often to we prepare ourselves for the opposite?  What happens when we come up with that great idea but just can’t support

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New Media Marketing: The Hi-Tech Way to be Low-Tech

The whole idea behind new media and social networking is to form deeper relationships with customers which can be cultivated into a strong bond and, hopefully, brand loyalty. We use twitter, facebook, email, linkedIn, blogs, direct mail, and several other

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