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Mobile SEO

In June 2013 Google rolled out mobile SEO standards in an effort to improve mobile web experiences and search results.  Here are some quick take-aways that can not only improve your customers’ experiences, but both make and save you money

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Great Article from the Integrated Marketing Summit

This was actually a surprisingly good article from Integrated Marketing Summit despite its title, 3 Tactics, 2 Strategies and 1 Crotchety Contrarian from Integrated Marketing Summit. The quick overview is: Big Branding is decreasing and “no brand preference” is

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My Week With Google Glass

Just over a week ago I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. A friend and colleague, Bill Evans, had been accepted into the explorer program and was offering me the chance to try out Google Glass for the weekend. Of

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Debating Responsive Design in Healthcare @ SXSW

Responsive Design, the hot topic debate of the mobile community, rages on as the two sides collide in the name of delivering the best mobile experience in healthcare. Not since the browser wars has one topic dominated the web development

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Why I Hate Responsive Design

Advocates of responsive design would have you believe there are a ton of benefits to their silver bullet strategy for web development.  But not unlike snake oil salesmen or snipe hunters there is a reality behind the miracle cure as

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New Media: Market Development or Penetration?

In his latest blog post, Whether or which , Seth Godin makes an excellent reference to the strength of new media in expanding market share vs. expanding the market in general.  I’d like to take his concept a step further

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