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The Top 10 Technologies that Will Change Healthcare Marketing & Why You Should Know About Them

As the technology and industry leaders my responsibilities are to Technology and the pursuit of what’s next for us, our industry, our clients, and their customers by identifying technology trends and influencing behavior.  Although my core business is focused on

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The New New Social Business

I read an interesting ebook the other day.  It wasn’t so much that the content was interesting, although it was, but how I came to have it was more interesting.  The cost of the book, what they charged me to

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Keeping Up With The [Technical-Marketing] Joneses

In 1913 the term “keeping up with the Joneses” first entered pop-culture as an idiom for social caste. For the next 100 years neighbors spent their time peering over fences and through windows as people attempted to define themselves by

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Technology Partners 4 Life

It’s a given that as computing power increases and size decreases technology is becoming both more prevalent and more mobile resulting in applications transitioning from something we use to something which integrates into our lives.  This fundamentally core change in

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The Role of Technical Leads in Technology-Driven Marketing

Traditionally the Technical Lead has been synonymous with lead programmer, senior software engineer, or senior application developer. They serve as both the primary contact and technical representative to the agency, as well as the lead architect and engineer on the

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Technology as a Creative Discipline

A few years back, while working on the “before & after” gallery for Chrysaliz Design, I got to thinking about the artistry that went into decorating the homes in the photographs.  This idea stuck in my brain such that I

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The Future of Social Media and Marketing

The other day someone asked me where I think the future of social media in marketing is for 2010 and the future beyond that.  What an interesting question.  Here’s my answer.

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The Bazerman Auction And Innovation

At Harvard Business School Max Bazerman is a professor of negotiation.  He starts each semester off the same way  — by auctioning off a $20 bill.  There are two rules to the Bazerman auction. First, bids go in $1 increments

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Fun Theory

What does a piano staircase, an arcade recycling bin, and the worlds deepest trash can have in common?  People use them.

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It’s A People Question

Recently NetFlix found a winner to their long standing, million dollar, contest designed to inspire freelance teams toward creating new algorithms which would "…substantially improve the accuracy of predictions about how much someone is going to love a movie based

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