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Keeping Up With The [Technical-Marketing] Joneses

In 1913 the term “keeping up with the Joneses” first entered pop-culture as an idiom for social caste. For the next 100 years neighbors spent their time peering over fences and through windows as people attempted to define themselves by

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Back To The Future

So there I was writing iPhone code when deja vu hit me.  Relatively slow processor, manually managing memory to decrease the overall footprint, relatively small harddrive, concern for data throughput.  I’ve been here before.  Hey, it’s the mid-90’s again and

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Who Do You Rely On?

Web 2.0 brought about mashups and started the push to mainstream service oriented architectures (SOA). As a result the technology that drives companies has begun to hollow out. What would happen if one of these technologies, say for instance google,

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