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The Top 10 Technologies that Will Change Healthcare Marketing & Why You Should Know About Them

As the technology and industry leaders my responsibilities are to Technology and the pursuit of what’s next for us, our industry, our clients, and their customers by identifying technology trends and influencing behavior.  Although my core business is focused on

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The New New Social Business

I read an interesting ebook the other day.  It wasn’t so much that the content was interesting, although it was, but how I came to have it was more interesting.  The cost of the book, what they charged me to

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The Cat in the Hat & SEO

In the mid-1950’s Theodor Geisel was supplied a list of 348 words every six year old should know and was challenged by his friend to use them in a story for kids no more than 225 words long.  A few short

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The Future of Social Media and Marketing

The other day someone asked me where I think the future of social media in marketing is for 2010 and the future beyond that.  What an interesting question.  Here’s my answer.

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New Media Marketing: The Hi-Tech Way to be Low-Tech

The whole idea behind new media and social networking is to form deeper relationships with customers which can be cultivated into a strong bond and, hopefully, brand loyalty. We use twitter, facebook, email, linkedIn, blogs, direct mail, and several other

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Marketing In A Reputation Based Economy

Cred , short for street credit , slang for your reputation .  Defined as:  commanding a level of respect due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.  Cred is traditionally associated with young, trendy people in urban

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